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Digital resources for the prevention and prosecution of tax crimes

It is challenging for law enforcement agencies and policymakers to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of tax crimes as these evolve at a fast pace and often involve the collaboration of diverse actors and enablers

across borders.

PROTAX digital resources identify knowledge gaps and offer benchmarks to compare and test methods to counter tax crimes across Europe. The resources include toolkits, policy guidelines, case studies, risk assessment methodology and guidance for practitioners and law enforcement agencies aimed to improve EU-wide action and better co-operation.

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PROTAX project

The PROTAX project has brought together a range of key actors as partners and associate partners in its consortium – universities, large ministries, LEAs, tax administration authorities, prosecutors, professional networks and groups, NGOs and CSOs, government and policy-making entities, financial sector, legislative and judicial fields etc. – with complementary types of knowledge, both scientific and practical.